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This blog is dedicated to the historical simulation game The US Civil War (GMT) which explores the strategic level of this conflict. I organize pbem tournaments to allow the meeting between passionate wargamers like me for this game.

Official website of the game (GMT):

Presentation and discussions on the game and its rules

Version Française: https://tuscw.home.blog/

Vassal Module:

To Mark Simonitch for the quality and beauty of this excellent game. Playing wargame for forty years, I have rarely had as much fun immersing myself in complete strategic campaigns and feeling so much suspense until the last game turn.
To all my fellow wargamers who had the patience to be my opponents. And without which mutual enrichment by understanding the rules and discovering a lot of subtleties of the game would have escaped me. Thank you for their humor and fair play to Germain, Jérôme, Jean-Louis, Laurent, Romain, Paul, Roger, Alain, Steve, Mark, Henry, Chris, Charles, Stephane, Jean-Christophe, Harti, Frank, Will, Jay… Long live everyone!

Registration for the next tournament (2022) is free.
1- send an email to tournament.tuscw.1861@gmail.com
2- create an account (it’s free) at http://acts.warhorsesim.com/index.asp for dice rolls and card draws.
3- know the rules of the third edition,


especially the advanced naval rules . The optional rules are only played after mutual agreement between the opponents. The playtest of these rules convinced me of the validity of the modifications made in the third edition.


The 2018-2019 and 2020-2021 tournaments were knockout.
The next tournament will on the “round-robin” mode so that each participant plays the same number of games. (4 campaigns per participant).

Each campaign played can provide the participant with one or more points so as to allow his classification in the tournament when the winnings are totaled:
0 points for the player who forfeits for a campaign abandoned at any time or lost before the 7th turn
1 point for a campaign lost after the 7th turn without abandonment
2 points for a campaign won after the 10th round with less than 2 VP of difference with the Benchmark number (for example 61 VP at end of the 20th turn)
3 points for an Automatic Victory or a victory with 2 or more VP of difference compared to the Benchmark number (eg CSA victory in the 10th turn if the Union only obtained 15 VP or less or Union victory with 62 VP or more at end of the 20th turn).
In case of abandonment, the opposing player can either be satisfied with a gain of 2 points, or ask that the game be ended by another player if he thinks he will succeed in winning 3 points and not just 2. A draw randomly among the possible volunteers having completed their round in progress takes place to designate the opponent. If the opponent succeeds in beating the applicant, this opponent gains 1 point maximum regardless of his performance and the applicant does not earn the 2 points provided. Otherwise, the latter wins the number of points provided for under the aforementioned conditions.
A volunteer to finish an abandoned game must wait until all volunteers have completed such an abandoned game in turn before playing a second in this manner.
This system is intended
to reward those who take up the difficult challenge to continue the fight in a situation deemed hopeless and
to limit the frustration of a potential winner who sees his reward unfairly reduced by the abandonment of his opponent

For an 1861-65 campaign that lasts 20 turns, the maximum expected time is 5 months, with generally some 300 logs exchanged, which means that an average rate of 2 logs / day exchanged is needed to meet the timing. If a player does not send any logs or messages to his opponent for more than 2 weeks, he is disqualified.

Determination of camps by victory point auction system:
If the opponents facing each other prefer, they can propose the number of victory points (VP) the Union must do to win. Both players send an email to tournament.tuscw.1861@gmail.com indicating the number of victory points they are offering for playing Union. The player with the most points plays the Union. A bid < 60 can be placed to play Confederation. If one bid is < 60 and the other > 60, the basic win conditions (60 VP at end of turn 20) apply. If tie, random determines the sides if both players have played the same number of times on the same side.
The files will be stored on Discord server.

For any question of rules or operation, tournament.tuscw.1861@gmail.com will answer.
I’ll not carry out a formal verification of the logs, the detection of any errors is under the control of the participants.
Some principles to respect interactivity despite the pbem process:
Whenever an activated unit enters an ZOI, ask your opponent (on ACTS) before they continue moving if the unit exercising the ZOI wants to react – intercept or maneuver (optional rule). Then before an attack, also ask if the attacked unit wants to avoid. If you play second in a round, send the log to your opponent before rolling the next round’s initiative dice. For the same reasons, the Confederate player must send the log recording the arrival and transfer of the new generals before rolling the dice for the initiative of the 1st action cycle.

2020-2021 Tournament

1st round :

Union players ——– CSA players x = winner

Chris ——————- Franck x (turn 3)

Charles x —————— Didier (turn 19)

Laurent x ——————- Richard (turn 4)

Henry x ——————— Alain (abandoned game)

Mike ——————— Andrew x (turn 11)

Marco ——————- Jean-Christophe x (turn 5)

Mark x ———————– David (turn 5)

How to record the logs?

If a campaign lasts 20 turns, it is generally necessary to exchange nearly 300 logs.
So you see that you have to exchange at least 2 logs per day (or 14 / week) to run such a campaign in a maximum of five months.

For the 1st log, the US player chooses whether to put 1 SP in Alexandria or not and adjust the VP (2) and BP (98) markers on the status track.
Remember: only 3 cycles for turn 1 to 3 and only 1 special card.

Some principles to respect interactivity despite playing the game in pbem:
– Each time an activated unit enters a ZOI, ask your opponent (on ACTS) – before this unit continues its movement – if the unit exercising the ZOI wants to react. Then before an attack, ask if the attacked unit wants to avoid.

-If you play in second during a cycle, send the log to your opponent at the end of your cycle – or indicate the final positions of the activated units on ACTS before continuing registration on the log – before rolling the dice for initiative of the next cycle.

For the same reasons, the Confederate player must send the log describing the management phase of the generals – those who arrive or are transferred – or indicate their positions in ACTS before rolling dice for the initiative of the first action cycle of the turn.

Second round:

Union players—————CSA players x = winner

Jean-Christophe————Charles x (turn 7)

Mike————————-Laurent x ( turn 5)

Franck———————–Henry x (abandonment turn 2)

Andrew x ———————-Mark (turn 5)

Third round (semi-final):

Union players —————– CSA players x = winner

Andrew ———————— Charles x (turn 6)

Henry ————————– Laurent

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